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Vice-rectorate of higher education  In the first and second cycles, ongoing formation and certificates, and higher formation in gradation 

Vice Rector: Dr. GEUMMOU M'hamed

Tél: 213 (0) 46 - 25- 95- 68

His responsibility is to:
- follow the questions relating to the progress of the courses and internships organized by the university,
- ensure the consistency of training offers presented by the faculties and institutes with the plan of the university development,
- to ensure compliance with the regulations in force registration, re-registration and control of knowledge and progression of students
- follow the distance training actions provided by the university and promote ongoing training activities
- to ensure compliance with the regulations and the procedure in force for issuing diplomas and equivalences,
- maintain and update nominative of students’ file

It is composed of the following services:
- Teaching, internships and evaluation service
- Ongoing education service
- Diplomas and equivalence service 

Vice rectorate of higher education In the third cycle and university habilitation, scientific research and higher formation in post-gradation 

Le Vice Rector: Pr. AIT AMAR MEZIANE Mohamed 

Tél/Fax: +213
Adresse: Université Ibn Khaldoun de Tiaret BP 78 zaâroura 14000, Tiaret, Algérie.

His responsibility is to:
- follow the issues related to the progress of post-graduation, specialized training and university accreditation and ensure the application of the rules in force in the material,
- follow the research activities of the units and research laboratories and draw up a balance sheet in coordination with the faculties and institutes
- carry out any action to promote the results of the research
- monitor the functioning of the council university scientist and preserve the archives,
- collect and disseminate information on research activities conducted by the university.

It is composed of the following services:
- The post-graduation training service and specialized post graduation
- The university habilitation service
- The service for monitoring research activities and the valuation of its results 

Vice Rectorate Of Development, Forsight And Orientation

Vice Rector: Pr. MATOUG Mohamed 

: +213 (0) 46 - 25- 61- 25

He is responsible to:
- gather the necessary elements for the elaboration of plans for university development
- carry out any prospective study on forecasts of student enrollment at the university and propose any measure for their care, in particular, in terms of development, and educational and administrative supervision
- keep the university's statistical file, taking care its periodic updating
- proceed to the development of any support information on educational courses provided by the university and their career opportunities
- make available to students any information to help them in their choice guidance
- promote the information activities of students;
- follow construction programs and ensure the implementation of the equipment programmes of the university in relation to the services concerned.
It is composed of the following services:
- The statistics and foresight service,
- The guidance and information service,
- The monitoring service of construction programs and equipment of the university.

Vice rectorate of
Animation, promotion, scientific research, external relations and cooperation

Vice Rector: Dr. KOUADRIA Mostefa 

Tél: +213 (0)

He is responsible to:
- promote the relations of the university with its socio-economic environment and to initiate partnership programs,
- initiate any trade promotion action inter universities and cooperation in the fields of teaching and research,
- carry out activities of animation and communication,
- organize and promote scientific events
- Ensure the follow up of developmental programs and retraining of teachers and ensuring consistency.

It is composed of the following services:
- The service of interuniversity exchanges, cooperation and partnership.
Responsible: Miss BEKKOUCHE Sara
- The service of animation and communication and scientific events. 
Responsible: TOUMI Zine el abidine


Université Ibn-Khaldoun
BP P 78 zaâroura 14000, Tiaret, Algérie.

Contacts .
Phone: +213(0)46 20 88 49


Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS)

Center for Research on Scientific and Technical Information (CERIST) 


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