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The Scholarship

Any student enrolled in a higher education stream receives a scholarship to university studies.

Hosting Technical

Accommodation is only available for students staying 50 km or more for boys, from the place where they register for education and 30 km or more for girls.

Le Transport

Transportation is guaranteed for all students, thus providing a bridge between university residences and institutions of higher education.


Any student, external or resident, enjoys a meal in the university restaurants.

Health Prevention

University residences have the necessary structures and sanitary means in order to protect resident students from all risks.


The university residences are equipped with infrastructures, means necessary for the creation of clubs and associations to practice scientific, cultural and sports activities.


Université Ibn-Khaldoun
BP P 78 zaâroura 14000, Tiaret, Algérie.

Contacts .
Phone: +213(0)46 20 88 49


Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS)

Center for Research on Scientific and Technical Information (CERIST) 


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